Living in Japan

A Comprehensive Guide for Japan Expats

First time to work and live in Japan?

Don't worry. We here at ALL JAPAN RELOCATION have prepared various types of information that will assist foreign residents in living comfortable and safe in Japan.

On this site we are posting some useful information regarding medical care, housing, international schools, foreign communities, furniture and appliances, and daily living.

Information about international schools and preschools for non-Japanese in major cities throughout Japan.

Hospitals with English capability in major cities in Japan and hotlines for emergencies for foreigners.

Guidance about expat housing. Including the average rent per unit size in major cities. Useful for your company budget.

Information about bringing furniture from your home country, voltage differences, leasing furniture in Japan, and more.

Information about Social clubs for each nationality, local communities and meetup opportunities in major cities.

Information to aid foreign residents in avoiding any difficulties while living in Japan.

Living Guide for Major Cities

Here you can find a brief overview of major cities in Japan
with some pictures, information, and useful links about expat-related facilities.

Aside from the information posted on our websites, We here at All Japan Relocation, are prepared with vast amounts of information so we can aid foreign residents, living in Japan for the first time, to live comfortably and safely without any difficulties.