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Destination Guide for Misawa, Japan, including a brief overview of Misawa-city with some pictures and information about expat-related facilities.

We hope this information will be a valuable resource to expats coming to or currently residing in Misawa, as well as the HR department of foreign companies.

Misawa Destination Guide

Here is some useful information for expats moving to Misawa, including information about schools, housing, hospitals, communities, and more.

Misawa city lies in the southeast of Aomori Prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Lake Ogawara in the west. "Hotokenuma," which lies in the north-east of the city, was registered in the Ramsar Convention as one of the world's most important wetlands for the conservation of biological diversity, representing its richness in nature around the city. During winter, the area has a less than normal amount of snowfall when compared to other cities in the Tohoku Region. Misawa has many fine days due to the effects of seasonal winds from the northwest. In spring and summer, it is frequently covered in cool air and dense fog. The end of the rainy season is later than most other areas, as well as the summer being quite a bit shorter than usual.

Misawa city is also a town of military bases. It's home to the U.S. Air Force Japan's Misawa Air Base, which houses approximately 10,000 people (approximately 20% of the population,) made up of military personnel and their families. It is also home to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force as well. Misawa Airport, which is at the core of Misawa city, being a town of aviation, has one of the leading facilities in Japan. Misawa Airports history is that of an old Japanese Navy airport becoming a US base after World War II; and is currently the only airport in Japan to be jointly used by U.S.Forces, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, and commercial airline companies. Its history of aviation goes back as far as 1931 when an airplane named Miss Veedol, piloted by two US pilots, accomplished the world's first non-stop flight across the Pacific Ocean after taking off from the shore in the city. In recent years, based on this story, the city began a sister city relationships with Cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, Washington which is the town in the USA in which the plane in the story landed.

The city also holds many unique events every year such as American Day, the Misawa Festival, and the Misawa Air Show. Throughout its history and including today’s various activities, the city is continuously developing its international atmosphere while at the same time, improving its infrastructure for foreign residents. An International Education Center in Misawa was established by the city for promoting international exchange among the citizens and for developing citizens who can respond to the global community. This development is successful due to providing various services such as volunteer interpreters, translators, and event supporters for the foreign residents in the city. There are also places and opportunities for gatherings among the citizens and the foreign residents.

There is an international school in the neighboring town, not including the schools on the military base. There are also various medical facilities in the city that offer services in foreign languages allowing foreign residents who don’t speak Japanese to live without worry. The locally called “foreigner house,” is a popular rental house designed for US military related residents, which is seen a lot throughout the city, and is usually foreigner-friendly, flat-shaped, and comes with spacious rooms and sometimes a built-in garage for 2 cars.

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