Daily Living Information

We here at All Japan Relocation have created living guides for foreigners in Japan. On this page we have gathered our daily living articles that will be useful no matter where you are living in Japan. Topics covered include how to open a bank account, Japanese business phrases, Japan's residency management system, and more.

For area specific living information articles and links to each area's municipal offices, please use the navigation links below to visit the destination guides section. At the bottom of each destination page you will find area specific articles for daily living.

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a SIM Card in Japan
Amazon Japan in English: Expat’s Guide to Shopping & Services
Japan Business Card Etiquette – Everything an Expat Should Know
How Hard Is It to Learn Japanese? A Look at Why It's So Complex
Where to find OTC medicines in Japan
Seating Protocol in Japan - Seating Arrangement
Japanese Body Language and Gestures
Japanese Verbal & Nonverbal Communication for Business
Online Grocery Shopping in Japan
The My Number System in Japan and how it affects non-Japanese
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