Relocating to Fukuoka?

Destination Guide for Fukuoka-city, in Fukuoka prefecture Japan, including a brief overview of Fukuoka-city with some pictures and information about expat-related facilities.

We hope this information will be a valuable resource to expats coming to or currently residing in Fukuoka-city, as well as the HR department of foreign companies.

Fukuoka Destination Guide

Fukuoka City, which lies in northern Kyushu, is the economic and administrative center of the Kyushu region. Fukuoka is ordinance-designated as having the largest population in the region as well as the 5th largest population in all of Japan. The city is designated as a National Strategic Special Zone and is positively inviting to foreign companies. The updated infrastructure of Fukuoka helps it to function harmoniously with its rich natural surroundings while providing foreign expats with the highest level of comfort and quality of life in an Asian country.

Fukuoka City is currently pushing forward their invitation to foreign companies, such as companies from Europe and America, as a gateway into Asia's market. This means a start-up base where businesses within Asian countries can benefit from the geographical advantage of being close to Japan, who has a history of business and trade with Asia for over 2,000 years. Approximately 380 foreign companies, already conducting business operations in and around the city, as well as various facilities and websites operated by Fukuoka City or Fukuoka Prefecture (Fukuoka City Foreign Investment Promotion Center, Asia-biz Fukuoka、Invest Fukuoka,) are promoting the invitation to foreign and supporting the start-up of their businesses in multiple languages.

Due to the start of a sister city program with various foreign cities and the advancement of foreign companies, Fukuoka’s infrastructure as an international city has gradually expanded from the early days after WWII. In the recent years, due to improvements in Fukuoka’s traffic infrastructure, such as an airport, a harbor, an expressway, and access to domestic and overseas locations, the life support for foreign expats and their families have improved. Fukuoka has International Schools providing a consistent quality education from infant courses (3 years old) to advanced courses (19 years old.) Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation provides free consultation at any time such as those regarding residence procedures and guidance for daily living.

Although Fukuoka City faces the Sea of Japan, it has a warm climate due to a warm current. There are very few days where the temperature goes below 0℃ in the winter time, allowing residents to live comfortably throughout the year. There are many historical and cultural resources as well as many natural scenic locations in and around the city. Marine based products from the Sea of Genkai are abundant. Various professional sports teams are based in the city and various events are held throughout the year giving vigor and an active atmosphere to the city.

It takes only about 10min from the airport to the center of the city by subway. Most of Fukuoka’s sightseeing spots are within 20min from the center of the city when using subway or bus lines. A thriving food culture and a comfortable cost of living in the city are also some of Fukuoka's attractive qualities. A city like Fukuoka is rare in this world. Fukuoka’s attractiveness has led to its evaluation as one of the most livable cities in the world and to frequently being selected by the British magazine "MONOCLE," in its Quality of Life annual survey rankings of The Top 25 Cities to live in. According to “MONOCLE,” the flourishing city of Fukuoka is becoming more eco-friendly and developing a praise-worthy business sense.

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