Relocation Services

Living support assistance for foreigners relocating to Japan

All Japan Relocation provides professional services customized to aid in a successful transition to Japan such as pre-assignment programs, home finding, and various other services to make life in Japan comfortable.

Our Relocation Services - Why AJ?

  • Flexible services tailored to each customer.
  • Access to extensive knowledge and information due to partnerships with companies in real estate and the furniture leasing industry.
  • Experienced bilingual staff will assure that there are no language barriers.
  • Customized service plans are offered to fit the needs of the assignee and their company.

Pre-Assignment Service

Eliminating anxiety and assuring competence in the process of relocating to Japan

This tour is scheduled upon the pre-assignment visit and is designed to help you or your employees get to know more about Japan, the living environment, and to attend to any questions or concerns that they may have.

  • Consultation on housing requirements (budget, area, layout, etc.)
  • Explanation of Japan in general
  • Introductions and tours of popular and major areas
  • Property introductions and viewing
  • International School visits

Home Finding Service

With our various partner real estate companies having an abundance of property information, we are able to provide home finding services that are best suited to foreign expats.

We assist in the hunt for a home for the relocation of an assignee and their accompanying family members that will serve as the base for starting a new life in Japan. Our assistance is vital in finding a home in an environment that enables the assignee to concentrate on work and makes their assignment in Japan a success. Because residential properties for expatriate business people in Japan are designed to cater to their particular lifestyles, residential spaces and configurations are different from the average Japanese residential home. At All Japan Relocation, we have extensive experience in serving the residential needs of the foreign community based on its business concept of “Feel at Home." Among plenty of properties with our exclusive mediating services and using our various partner company networks, we offer residential homes that are best suited to the specific needs of geographical location, budget, etc.

  • Consultation on housing requirements (budget, area, room layout, etc.)
  • Explanation about the local real estate market
  • Explanation about property lease execution procedure
  • Area information and tours
  • Property introduction and viewing
  • Negotiation of lease application and terms
  • Review of the lease agreement / Summary of the lease in English
  • Move in inspection arrangements and attendance
  • Utility, Internet, Cable TV, telephone activation and set up assistance
  • Neighborhood tour

Settling-in Service

We support your employee to start up a new life in Japan without any difficulty.

We will guide your employees through required registration matters and other necessities for a smooth transition in adjusting to life in Japan.

  • Explanation of Japan in general
  • Information about living in Japan ( Public transportation, Emergency / Evacuation sites, Utilities, government offices)
  • Assistance with Local Registration matters (Address, pets, etc)
  • Assistance with bank account opening
  • Assistance with mobile phone purchasing
  • Neighborhood tour
  • Information about Maid/Nanny, Gym/Sports facilities, Clubs/organizations, Hobbies/areas of interest

Service While in Japan

Speedy and reliable support for the various procedures required while in Japan

All Japan Relocation provides services covering the various administrative procedures that are necessary while being assigned in Japan, such as obtaining a Japanese driver’s license, extending a property lease, acquiring various certificates, reporting the birth of a child, obtaining necessary information on everyday living, etc.

Departure Service

Support for various procedures required for the return home

When the return home or assignment to a new job location is finalized, it is necessary to handle all procedures, including lease termination by the departure date. All Japan Relocation will provide service to facilitate the departure of the assignee and accompanying family members by minimizing the workload of those leaving and the HR Department.

  • Explanation of the departure process
  • Support with local government deregistration matters and subscription terminations (bank account, internet, cable TV, mobile phone, utilities, etc.)
  • Postal mail forwarding service arrangement
  • Bulk waste disposal arrangement instructions
  • Property move out inspection schedule arrangement and attendance
  • Restoration cost negotiation

Optional Services

Specific services can be provided to cater to your needs.

  • Accompanied Translation Support
  • Japanese Driving License Conversion Support
  • Arrangements for hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the airport
  • House-hunting
  • Attendance at the move in inspection
  • Accompaniment to appointments with schools
  • Orientation meetings on neighborhood and everyday living
  • Accompaniment in handling administrative procedures at the local government office
  • Accompaniment in opening/closing bank accounts
  • Accompaniment in purchasing/canceling mobile phone subscriptions
  • Arrangements for procuring rental furniture
  • Support in purchasing furniture & household appliances
  • Support in purchasing motor vehicles
  • Proxy service for acquiring JAF translation documents
  • Support in property lease contract extensions
  • Support in furniture lease contract extensions
  • Arrangements for issuing a notice of property lease contract termination
  • Attendance at inspection for lease termination
  • Support in various cancellation procedures
  • Support in private motor vehicle sales
  • Cross-Cultural Training for Business

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