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Destination Guide for Sapporo, Japan, including a brief overview of Sapporo-city with some pictures and information about expat-related facilities.

We hope this information will be a valuable resource to expats coming to or currently residing in Sapporo, as well as the HR department of foreign companies.

Sapporo Destination Guide

Sapporo is a regional hub city of Hokkaido which lies in the north of Japan. Sapporo has a population of approximately 1,960,000 and is ranked as the 5th largest of 20 major cities in Japan designated by government ordinance. In the early 1960s, it became a city where various major companies place branch offices and recently became a popular location for many foreign companies to also place their regional hub offices.

While Sapporo functions as many modern cities do, it also has the business environment of a big city and a lowered cost for businesses such as reasonable office rental prices. Sapporo also has fewer natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and lightning storms, than other parts of Japan. Sapporo has been attracting and integrating with IT companies that work with software development, call centers, BPO centers for IT, as well as those in the financial industry. As its attention to the business continuity planning has been increased, especially after East Japan Great Earthquake, Sapporo has been attracting foreign companies that have businesses in Japan as a place for decentralizing their head office functions.

New Chitose Airport, a gateway airport of Hokkaido, is located within 36 minutes by JR train from Sapporo and connects Asian countries and major cities in Japan enabling convenient business access. There is an international school in the city that provides a high-quality educational environment as well as the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (SICPF,) who provides free consultation at any time. Such consultation includes but is not limited to, procedures regarding residence in Sapporo and guidance for daily living. There are also various medical facilities that offer services in foreign languages so that foreign residents who don’t speak Japanese can live without worry.

Sapporo has a rich variety of nature, beautiful cityscapes, cool weather, and fresh and rich food resources. Sapporo has a highly functional and convenient city and office environment. It attracts many domestic and foreign visitors and residents.

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