All Japan Group CSR Policy

All Japan Group aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet by making use of the characteristics of the Group's services and by ensuring that all employees are aware of the social contribution they are making in their daily work and voluntarily take part in activities.

◆ Realization of a society in which foreigners living in Japan can reside safely and comfortably.
◆ Reducing CO2 emissions through the effective use of real estate, energy reuse, agricultural initiatives, etc.
◆ Revitalization of local communities and continued support for the poor and the vulnerable.

For more information on the All Japan Group's CSR-related initiatives, see the report in PDF.

1. Contribution to the Foreign Community

Drawing on our many years of experience in providing services to foreigners living in Japan, we are engaged in activities to support foreigners in their daily lives. We provide information in English on all areas of daily life through our website and social networking services.

2. Dissemination of Sustainability 

What is "Mottainai"? Detailed explanation of the meaning and expression of mottainai, and the spirit of mottainai that has taken root in Japanese. Explanations in English on how to re-use, donate, sell and recycle items that are no longer in use.

Youtube:  The city of Edo: Sustainable Lifestyle and Japanese History
Learn how Japanese people in Edo era (1603-1868) lived an environmentally friendly lifestyle by taking good care of their possessions, being creative and repeatedly reusing them.  This video is about sustainable history in Japan and you can watch it in English.

3. Formation of Foreign Communities

Exhibition for Foreign Residents in Japan:  Expat Expo (supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

All Japan Group cooperates with the organizers from the planning stage. It contributes to building a community between exhibitors offering services to foreign residents.

4. Dissemination of Disaster Preparedness

Disaster preparedness information in English. What should you do when a disaster happens in Japan? Information is provided in English on daily measures, preparedness, and evacuation procedures.

5. Agricultural Initiatives and Support

Rice planting and harvesting

In partnership with farmers in Chiba Prefecture, employees and their families help farmers plant rice and experience rice planting and fruit tree cultivation. They learn the importance of a stable food supply, provide labor and contribute to securing farmland.

Supporting the non-profit organization Peace & Nature

Through an international NPO based in Kobe, where Japanese and foreigners work together, children learn the importance of pesticide-free food and environmental creation, and support the implementation of organic farming as part of their environmental activities. To teach the next generation the importance of agriculture, we teach children how to plant rice and plant trees in forests.

Conversion of own warehouse sites to agricultural land, etc.

The warehouse site in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, was effectively utilized and planted with fruit tree seedlings, including plums, cherries, pears, kumquats, apples, kiwis, and lawns in March 2022.

6. Use of Renewable Energy

Solar power installed in own warehouses and company-owned properties

Solar power is installed on the roofs of warehouses and a company-owned apartment building in Kisarazu, Chiba. The energy is effectively utilized by using the electricity generated to run air-conditioners and transmit electricity.

7. Reduction of CO2

RIC Central Tower The Entente

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, energy-saving renovation work was carried out on the company-owned apartments.

8. Contribution to Local Communities

Supporting and cooperating with sports organizations, cultural facilities in Kobe, and engaging in activities in the local communities

9. Donations

Support by donations

10. Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion and Diversity is a top priority for All Japan Group.

We employ a diverse workforce, including women, the elderly, foreign nationals, and people with disabilities, and have created an environment in which they can fully participate and demonstrate their talents. We will continue to promote initiatives to raise awareness of human rights throughout the Group.

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