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Kobe Marathon & Osaka Marathon

Post: 10-31-17

There are various marathons held nationwide throughout Japan. Two of the major marathons held during autumn taking place in the Kansai region are the Kobe Marathon and the Osaka Marathon.


Kobe Marathon

Approximately 20,000 runners from Kobe and from outside of Kobe, participate in this marathon every year.

The marathon’s theme is “Thanks and Friendship.” The participating runners run 42.195km through downtown Kobe embodying the spirit of “Thank you.”

kobe marathon
Image: http://kobe-marathon.net/2017/schema/theme.html

It is not widely known that Kobe is, in fact, the birthplace of the marathon race in Japan.

The first marathon in Japan was held in March 1909. The course, approximately 31.7km long, started at an area of reclaimed land in Hyogo-ku, Kobe City and ended in today’s Yodogawa Ohashi Bridge in Osaka City. It is said that the word “marathon” was used for the first time in Japan for this race.

A monument to “The birthplace of the Marathon in Japan,” was built in front of the Kobe City office marking the starting point for the 1st Kobe Marathon held in 2011.


Kobe Marathon 2017 Event Date: November 19 (Sun)


Osaka Marathon

The slogan for the 7th Osaka Marathon was “Making a Rainbow Together.” The event had 7 charities, represented by 7 different colors, each with different programs, commemorating the 7th race event.

osaka marathon
Image: http://osaka-marathon.com/2017/event/

Just like its personification as pleasant and bright, Osaka aims to hold the most fun marathon in Japan, with the people of Osaka fully supporting the marathon event.

The race course attracts various runners from all over Japan and abroad. The Osaka course’s starting point is the famous Osaka Castle. It continues along Midosuji street along a beautiful line of gingko trees. From there the course goes through Nakanoshima area, home to the nationally designated cultural property Osaka City Central Public Hall and the active Namba area.

Osaka Marathon 2017 Event Date: November 26 (Sun)


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