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Kobe City – Kobe Sweets, Higashinada Sweets Meguri

Post: 09-15-17

Kobe City will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Port of Kobe in 2018. Soon after the opening of the port, Kobe City established a foreign settlement which in turn facilitated the introduction of various Western cultures to Japan. One aspect of Western culture that was introduced to Japan early on was that of confectioneries by a foreign pâtissier. As a result of the early introduction to pastry shops, there are many well-known Japanese and Foreign-owned sweet shops with long histories in Kobe City. Kobe City is one of the most popular areas for sweets and is known to be called “Kobe Sweets.”  

The best area for sweets in Kobe is Higashinanda-ku. The area is dotted with sweets shops displaying their goods as if they were exquisite jewels catering to high-end gourmet customers, and earning the close attention of sweets lovers all over Japan. 


Attracting many sweets lovers from all over Japan is the Higashinada Sweets Meguri, an exclusive annual limited-time bus tour of sweets shops from mid-October to late November held every year since 2010.

For a limited time only, special sweets are also provided during the yearly event. In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Port of Kobe, this year’s special sweets will be made with unique ingredients related to the port and are designed with nautical themes. It will be quite the challenge to try everything as there are 43 different shops participating in this year’s event. 

In addition, when you purchase something at any participating sweets shop with an exclusive bus ticket for the event or when you use any of the benefits that come with the exclusive bus ticket, you can participate in the stamp rally which will give you the chance to win some luxurious prizes.

Why not take this opportunity to visit Kobe and the Higashinada Area? 

Higashinada Sweets Tour

Higashinada Sweets Meguri

Tour Date: Every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays during the period from October 14th(Sat) – November 23rd (Thu/Holiday), and also on October 27th (Fri)

Bus Service: 13 services per day

One Day Ticket: 250 yen for Adult, 150 yen for child and elderly person


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