Expat Communities in Osaka

There are various members clubs or groups for foreigners to meet up in Japan. Many foreigners participate actively in such communities to make friends, exchange information about living in Japan, and for the opportunities to attend parties or volunteer activities.

Here we introduce the major communities for foreign expats in Osaka-city.

Foreigner's Communities in Osaka

FEW (networking organization for Foreign Women in Japan)

FEW is a professionally focused group meeting once a month at the Hilton Osaka. FEW provides professional and personal development and networking opportunities in a friendly and supportive atmosphere for foreign women in Japan.


The only foreign chamber of commerce with a presence in the Kansai region established in 1953, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) has an active chapter serving those who work in Osaka or elsewhere in the Kansai region as the source for networking, information and advocacy.

Osaka International House Foundation

It is founded by Osaka City for promoting international exchange activities. It provides information on international exchange and living information for foreign residents in Osaka in several languages. It also holds various events and lectures that forcus on international relations.

Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)

It is founded to promote the internationalization of Osaka Prefecture and to support the international activities of the prefectural residents from every class and level. It provides services such as foreign students support, information for foreign residents and visitors, and educations for international understanding.

Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)

It was initially established by Minoh City mostly for foreign student exchange activities and sister cities exchange activities. As the permanent foreign residents increases, it currently challenges many projects (Japanese language learning support, multilingual consultation, child support, escort-interpreter arrangement for medical needs, etc.) to develop an easy-to-live community for foreign residents.

The Japan British Society of the Kansai

It is one with a long and distinguished history, founded in 1935 by prominent members of the financial community in Osaka and designed for both corporations and individuals in the Kansai region.  Through its numerous activities such as various lectures, seminars, and charity bazaars, it promotes to deepen friendship and understanding between Japan and the UK.