Expat Communities in Yokohama

There are various members clubs or groups for foreigners to meet up in Japan. Many foreigners participate actively in such communities to make friends, exchange information about living in Japan, and for the opportunities to attend parties or volunteer activities.

Here we introduce the major communities for foreign expats in Yokohama-city, Japan.

Foreigner's Communities in Yokohama

Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club is a unique organization modeled on sporting clubs in Europe and originally started as the Yokohama Cricket Club in 1868. It's evolved since then but still has excellent athletic facilities and offers a wide variety of athletic and sporting activities to its members.

Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges

It manages international exchange and meetup opportunities (11 International lounges in Yokohama) and Japanese lanuage classes as well as provides multi-language dissemination of Information and living information for foreign residents.

International Mothers Community in Yokohama

The group International Mothers Community in Yokohama (IMCY). The group is mainly for international mothers living and raising kids in Yokohama.