Expat Communities in Sendai

There are various members clubs or groups for foreigners to meet up in Japan. Many foreigners participate actively in such communities to make friends, exchange information about living in Japan, and for the opportunities to attend parties or volunteer activities.

Here we introduce the major communities for foreign expats in Sapporo-city.

Foreigner's Communities in Sendai

Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA)

SenTIA plans various activities to build a community where everyone can live comfortably regardless of the differences of language, nationality, and culture at the Sendai International Center. SenTIA holds monthly events which introduce Japanese cultures and seasonal customs.


CHIC assists foreigners with information about living in Japan, and organizes activities which enrich life in Japan. The activities include classes, outings and social events. Registering at CHIC enables every member to receive a newsletter each term with details of their program.