Japanese Cross-Cultural Training for Business

Cross-Cultural Training for Foreign Employees in Japan

People in every country behave as if their common sense is universal, therefore understanding the culture and way of thinking, as well as the characteristics of their country, is essential before interacting. Training begins with a basic understanding of cultures and commonalities.

Japan has its own set of business customs and cultures, which can be difficult for foreigners to grasp at times, and there are some that seem-to-be-strange behaviors. By learning and understanding Japanese culture and customs in advance, they can make use of it for their work environment and overall life in Japan.

In particular, learning to communicate with Japanese people who do not communicate directly with words could be massively important especially if it is common for them to express themselves directly with words.

All Japan Relocation provides cross-cultural training to foreign employees in order to help them interact effectively in the workplace.

Training's Overview(English)

  • Japanese Culture:  Nonverbal Communication, The Art of "Reading the Air", Hear One and Understand Ten, Reading Between the Lines, Japanese Yes and No
  • Japanese Systems, Values and Behaviors:Group-Oriented Homogeneity, Holding Back Personal Opinions, Wa (Harmony), Enryo (Reserve, Humble), Kikubari (Consideration), Being Patient, Honne & Tatemae (Real intention an stated principle), Working Late
  • Body Language and Gestures:Pointing fingers, Waving Hands etc.
  • Greetings:Bowing, When to Take off Shoes
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Seating Protocol - Seating Arrangement
  • Restaurant Etiquette in Japan


60min. Training (Cross-Cultural Training + Q&A) 

90min. Training (Cross-Cultural Training + Q&A, including 5min. break )

In principle, all trainings are provided entirely online.


It is also available to deliver training services with the most relevant content for you and your employees.

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