Accompanied Translation Support

Do you require Hourly Translation Support?
Living in Japan can sometimes be tough when it comes to communicating in English to accomplish one’s needs. We’re ready to help you on an hourly basis by accompanying and translating your needs to the staff or explaining product details to you at the stores. Our professional assistance will prevent you from feeling the stress and save you time.

Accompanied Translation Support examples

Ward Office (Municipal) Registration

  • A New Family Member has arrived?  -> Ward registration
  • Welcomed a dog as family? -> Vaccine shots and Pet Registration at Ward Office
  • Moving to a new ward / changing address?

Shopping Accompanied Translation

  • Don’t know what to buy? Visiting shops, supermarkets, drugstores etc. together to buy electrical / home appliances, furniture, everyday essentials
  • Purchasing, terminating or change of SIM / mobile phone plans at shops
  • Purchasing commuter / school passes, IC transport cards
  • Want to order a Special Birthday Cake or Anniversary Present?
  • Want to buy Shinkansen or other long distance train tickets? Visit the ticket counter together
  • Need to take an ID Photo? Explain your needs to the photographer / staff

Accompanied Translation to Other Facilities

  • Want to apply for membership at a Gym, After School Classes for your children or other Hobbies? We will help with the terms and conditions.
  • Not sure which train to take? Pre-trip from your Home to your Office or children’s School using Public Transport.
  • Accompany your visit to the Hospital or hurt your back and want to visit an Osteopathic Clinic? (*Except for medical translation)
  • Need New Glasses, Prescription for your Contact Lenses?
  • Visiting a new Hair Salon, Barber, Nail Salon etc.
  • Want to get to know Non-International / Regional Nurseries, Kindergartens or Schools?



You can Choose from the below.

■ 1 hour 

■ Half-day Course (max. 4 hrs)

■ Full day Course (max. 7 hrs) 


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