Japanese Driving License Conversion Support

Thinking of driving frequently in Japan? Successfully obtaining a Japanese Driving License can be both tedious and time consuming. We can guide you through the process with our professional advice on the necessary and supporting documents required for the screening. We will accompany you to the Driving License Centre and whilst translating, guide you through the whole process so that you will not feel lost and above all save you time. After you have successfully obtained your license, we will help you purchase or lease a car and apply for a Parking Certificate. 

STEP 1 Japanese License & Driving Lessons

Obtain a long-term Japanese Driving Permit (License) with your current valid license taken in another country.

・ We will check and advise necessary documents required.
・ Obtain the official translation from Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) for you.
・ We will accompany you to the Driving License Centre and translate for you if permitted.
・ We will introduce you to bilingual professional instructors to give you driving lessons and tips to pass the practical driving test.
  (Not all countries, states require the practical driving test, please feel free to inquire.)
  Extra customized Driving lessons are also available after you have passed.

STEP 2 How to Lease a Car or Purchase a Car

We will introduce you to bilingual dealers to lease or purchase a car.

Leasing a Car: 

One the most popular ways to have a car on hand. Easy to lease and terminate, with a large variation of cars at each price range.

Purchasing a Car:

We will introduce you to our reliable bilingual agents so you can choose a car that matches you the best.


STEP3 Obtain a Parking Certificate

Help secure a parking slot and assist documentation.
Obtain owner’s sign/seal and submit to local police station for authority approval.
* One cannot purchase or lease a car without a secured parking space.


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