Osaka Expat Areas and Housing Rate

We here provide guidance about residential properties for foreign expats. We introduce primary residence location of foreigners in Osaka, the average rental rates per size of unit, and recommended rental properties for expats with English-speaking services.

The data below has been derived from actual rental prices updated by our recent contracts.

Osaka - Expat areas and Average rental rate

Osaka-city, Minoh-city

Central Osaka is a possible area for residents to have their workplaces near their homes. There are many high-rise apartments in the areas attracting singles and DINKS.

Minoh City, the quiet residential area in the north away from the center of Osaka, has international schools and foreigner-friendly housings attracting expat families.

【Average rental prices】
  Size (sqm)  Rent ( in 10,000 JPY units)
Apartment   Low Mid High
1 bedroom 50 10 25 45
2 bedrooms 80 20 40 80
3 bedrooms 120 25 45 70
4 bedrooms 200 N/A N/A N/A
House   Low Mid High
3 bedrooms 150 N/A N/A N/A
4 bedrooms+ 200 N/A 35 60