Guidance on garbage collection in Akita

Post date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In Japan, garbage disposal rules vary from area to area. Here is a quick guide to disposing of trash, getting rid of over-sized garbage, and disposing of or selling furniture and home appliances when leaving Japan for foreigners residing in Akita city.

Guidelines issued by Akita City

Please separate your garbage accordingly and take it out on the morning of the specified garbage day. As crows tend to scatter the garbage when garbage is put out the night before, do not put out your trash until the morning of the disposal day. This does not apply if your apartment has a 24 hour garbage station.

Please refer to the link below for details.

Garbage Sorting Chart for Akita City (PDF) 英語版

Over-sized garbage

For oversized garbage rules become slightly more complicated for foreigners. What determines garbage as being over-sized?

Items that are 50cm or longer are considered as over-sized garbage. Reservation is required for pickup and may require you to pay a fee.

All items listed in Household Appliance Recycling Law (TV, air-conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, and clothing dryer) and PCs are not accepted as oversized garbage. These appliances are collected and recycled by manufacturers via retail stores. PCs are recycled by manufacturers. If you cannot find the manufacturer's contact information, please call Akita Recycling Center (TEL 018-895-7900).


Measure the item you wish to dispose of and call the below phone number to make a pick-up reservation. They will tell you how much it will cost and you can set a date for pickup.
TEL: 018-839-2002

2.Purchase a ticket for handling fee

Pay a handling fee and obtain a sticker. The stickers are sold in convenience stores. Once paid, the handling fee cannot be refunded. Be sure to retain your receipt until the collection is complete. Collection stickers cannot be issued if lost or damaged.

3.Dispose your over-sized garbage

Attach the sticker to each item and take out the item to the specific location by 9AM.

Selling your furniture, electrical appliances and bicycles etc. as second hands

There are also other ways, to sell your goods as second hand.

1) Use Gaijin Pot Classifieds

GaijinPot Classifieds

2)Sell to a recycle shop. They can also come to your home to pick up items.


Hard-off Akita (Japanese only)

Second street (Japanese only)