English Maps of Akita

Post date: Wednesday, August 12, 2020

When a foreign expatriate stays in Akita for a long period of time, first of all, it is necessary to understand the Akita area and then search for a residence while considering the commuting route and the route for children to go to school. We will introduce the recommended English map of Akita, route map, and app among various types of maps.

Akita Prefecture Map

A map that allows you to see the entire Akita prefecture (English)

Akita guidebook

English brochure for tourist information on Akita City, Oga City, Daisen City, and Senboku City. From local gourmet to seasonal fun event information, sake breweries, hot springs and much more.

Information of Akita prefecture

An English brochure containing information about Akita City. Maps and restaurant guides are also posted in detail.

Tourist information of Akita-shi including maps and local restaurants

Concierge Akita

Akita Tourist Information (English)

Akita route map

Railroad map of Akita prefecture (Japanese/English)

Akita route map

On the Akita Chuo Kotsu website, you can search for schedules for route buses, limousine buses, highway buses, and regular sightseeing buses.

Akita Tourist Information + Route Map App

A free app that allows you to search route search, event information, shop information, etc. for free.