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English Maps of Fukuoka

Post: 06-20-17

When an expat comes to Japan and starts a long-term stay in Fukuoka City, he or she may decide where to live after grasping the geography of the city at first and then checking up the route for commuting to work and to children’s schools. You find there are various kinds of maps issued in Japan, and we here introduce our recommendation of English edition map of Fukuoka City, URL of Railroad Map, and convenient Apps.


Fukuoka Prefecture Map

Fukuoka Prefecture Map


Map describing whole areas of Fukuoka Prefecture


Fukuoka subway route map

Fukuoka Subway Map


Fukuoka subway route map with connection to JR Lines.


Visitor’s Guide

Fukuoka City Visitor's Guide


FUKUOKA CITY VISITOR'S GUDE issued by Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau. It is a complete guidebook including the map of the whole areas of Fukuoka Prefecture, sightseeing spots, shopping areas, and information of various activities. It also introduces the specialty and feature of each spot.


Fukuoka Map Apps

Fukuoka Map Apps


Fukuoka Tourist Guide Apps for iPhone and iPad. Map Apps of complete offline version. Apps to search the guidance to subway stations, and shopping malls and restaurants. You can also search the route by car, bicycle, train, and on foot as well.


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