Guidance on garbage collection in Sendai

Post date: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In Japan, how to dispose garbage depends on the area you live in. Here we inform you, how to dispose trash, how to get rid of oversized garbage, and how to dispose or sell furniture and home appliances when leaving Japan for foreigners residing in Sendai.

Guideline issued by Sendai City

Please separate your garbage accordingly and take the trash out during 5:00-8:30 in the morning of the specified date. Crows tend to scatter the garbage when garbage is put out the night before.

*This does not apply if your apartment has a 24 hour garbage station.

Garbage Bag designated by Sendai City

Bag1Bag2Garbage Bag

You can buy it at a supermarket or a convenient store.

Oversized garbage

For oversized garbage, it is slightly complicated for foreigner.

What is considered oversized garbage?

・Household wastes approximately 30cm or longer in length and weight up to 100kg

※ Neither items provided by Household Appliance Recycling Law (TV, air-conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, and clothing dryer) nor PCs are accepted as oversized garbage. These appliances are collected and recycled by manufacturers via retail stores and PCs are recycled by manufacturers.

Reservation is required for pick up and you need to pay a fee.


Make a reservation by calling. (*Service only available in Japanese)
Bulky Waste Information Center:022-716-5301 in Japanese only

2.Pay a handling fee

Pay a handling fee and obtain Bulky Waste Disposal Fee Prepaid Label (sticker). The stickers are available at a supermarket and a convenience store.

The stickers are available at the stores with the mark below.

3.Dispose your oversized garbage

Attach the sticker to each item and take out the item to the specific location. The collection of oversized garbage is approx. once in two weeks and the collection date depends on an area.


Selling your furniture

When leaving Japan, there is a cheap way to sell furniture and home appliances to people who need it. An English web-site named Sayonara Sale below provides specialized pages for such sales.