English Maps of Osaka

Post date: Friday, February 3, 2017

When a foreign expatriate stays in Osaka for a long period of time, first of all, it is necessary to understand the Osaka area and then search for a residence while considering commuting routes and children's commuting routes. Among various types of maps, we would like to introduce the recommended English map of Osaka, route maps, and apps.

Osaka Map

A map that can be checked by all of Osaka Prefecture

Osaka City Map & Guide Books

Wide area map of Osaka city. A site where you can download major stations and sightseeing spots.

Area map

Umeda/Namba, the center of Osaka, around Osaka Castle

Tennoji/Abeno area

Bay area

Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Area Route Map

JR West Japan issued, Osaka Prefecture route map. JR lines and private railways centering on nine subways running in Osaka Prefecture.

Published by Osaka Tourism Bureau. Wide area route map.

Osaka Map for iOS

A map app for iOS that can be used offline.

Osaka Map for Android

A map app for Android that can be used offline.