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Tenancy & Expense Management

What is Tenancy and Expense Management

We offer complete administration and management services for corporate housing. This includes review and execution of new leases, lease renewals, lease termination, rental payments and support during the tenancy.
By outsourcing these services, cost reduction, as well as operational efficiency improvement, can be anticipated.

Why AJ?

AJ Point!
  • Our bilingual staff will explain tenant responsibility and offer support during tenancy to foreign employees.
  • One point of contact for corporate housing related payments and lease related paperwork.
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will make sure that the lease agreement is safe and negotiation matters are resolved.

Service Outlines - Customizable for the companies -

  • New lease

    • Introduction of real estate agents
    • Application submission
    • Review and negotiation of contract terms
    • Issue summary of the lease and confirm content with company and employee
    • Execution of lease contract
    • Lease agreement document storage
  • Lease renewal

    • Notify company/employee of lease term expiration (3 months in advance)
    • Negotiation of renewal terms
    • Review and negotiation of contract terms
    • Execution of lease renewal contract
    • Renewal lease agreement document storage
  • Lease cancellation

    • Submit notice of lease cancellation
    • Review of restoration cost
    • Security deposit return management
  • Expense management

    • Payment for new lease execution
    • Payment for renewal lease execution
    • Payment of restoration costs upon lease termination
    • Monthly rental payments
    • Utility payments
    • Security deposit transfer
  • Monthly reports

    • Tenancy management reports
    • Payment reports
    • Other reports (customized for the company)
  • Others

    • Liaison between the tenant and landlord/management company
    • Lease transfer processing
    • Administration matters related to change in lease contract terms
    • Annual payment report for company housing
    • Coordination of repairs/maintenance

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East Japan Office
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