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Personal Information Protection Policy

We at All Japan Relocation understand the responsibility that coincides with receiving personal client information and will, from both a legal and social point of view, make diligent effort to properly handle and protect personal information entrusted with us.

■ Acquisition and Use

Information received verbally, electronically or by hard copy means will be safely stored and used for specific client related purposes, primarily as listed below.

  • To identify family client needs and prepare relocation services such as schooling appointments or applications.
  • Awareness of nationality or cultural background helps to introduce differences clients may encounter in Japan.
  • Client and company specified budgets or monetary allowances are kept in strict confidence and disclosed only to achieve contract execution. Information is used for lease contracts, utility services and for related payments thereof or on clients' behalf.
  • Immigration and registration matters require recording of personal information with the Japanese government.

■ Restriction to Third Parties

Personal information will not be released to third parties except under conditions as stated below.

  • Unless client or client company consent is received or in an urgent situation related to the client.
  • Upon legitimate request from government or other agency for release based upon Japanese law(s).
  • When necessary to protect the life, body or property of the individual and consent is difficult to obtain.
  • For improving public hygiene or sound growth of children and consent is difficult to obtain.
  • To cooperate with government institution or public body or entrusted individual or an entity executing operations prescribed by laws and consent may impede the concerned operation execution.
  • Information can be shared with a related agency as is necessary in providing services to the client.

The above may be revised according to legal changes, client requests or for increased information  protection.

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