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Worldwide ERC Summit Shanghai - Singapore

Post: 04-17-17

ALL JAPAN RELOCATION participated in Worldwide ERC Summit Shanghai - Singapore from March 24th to 31st.

Worldwide ERC Summit is an international convention and meetup opportunity for companies in various countries which engage in a relocation service business for expats and their families. During the summit period, house-moving companies having global services, companies managing serviced apartments, relocation service companies, and people in charge of human resources and general affairs get together holding various seminars and introducing their business and services each other.


We, ALL JAPAN RELOCATION, had a booth in the Shanghai Summit where we could attract many visitors by entertaining them with a Japanese tea ceremony.

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This is the first participation in a big convention after the business tie-up between formerly Consultant Japan in Tokyo and formerly Planners Relocation in Kobe, accepting an understanding from many people about the nationwide and far more increased services of newly-started All JAPAN RELOCATION.

For further details of our services, please feel free to contact us.

East Japan Office : 03-5549-8700

West Japan Office: 078-858-0868

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