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English Maps of Nagoya

Post: 02-10-17

Map of Nagoya - English-written or Recommended maps for foreigner

When a foreign expat visits Japan to stay in Nagoya for a long term, he or she will try to grasp characteristics of each area in Nagoya at first considering the transportation access for commuting or children’s school, and then will decide where to live. We here introduce recommended maps of Nagoya, URL for Nagoya railway and subway maps, and App for those among various maps issued and provided in Nagoya.
Map of Nagoyaのコピー

Nagoya Guide Map

Nagoya Guide Mapのコピー


Map of Nagoya city with railway route maps, sightseeing spots and main stations.

Train Route Map

Train Route Map


Map of 6 subway routes in Nagoya City with JR and private railways.

Nagoya Navi

Nagoya Navi

(Front) http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/brochures/files/8041449e080dc31cbc499dbc96f47d8a.pdf
(Back) http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/brochures/files/dd101178ca656652a814052381e7f552.pdf

Guide map of Nagoya City with information on tourist facilities, commercial facilities and list of hotels.

Nagoya shopping & Dining Guide

Nagoya Sightseeing Guide


Shopping and restaurant information magazine in Nagoya city issued by Infinity Communications. A handy guide book that also includes airport guide maps and route maps.

Nagoya sightseeing guide

Nagoya Shopping Gude


Guide book of tourist facilities in Nagoya city with information on tourist spots, local food and commercial facilities. 

Nagoya Map By CITY APP

Nagoya map apps


Map app of Nagoya city for iPhone and iPad. Information on routes and restaurants in Nagoya city. Available offline.


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