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English Maps of Kyoto

Post: 06-05-18

When coming to Japan and starting a long-term stay in Kyoto, many people decide where to live after gaining a better grasp of Kyoto's geography as well as checking the available routes for commuting to work. There are various kinds of maps issued throughout Japan. Here are our recommended English editions of Kyoto maps, websites of Railroad Maps, and useful Apps.


Kyoto Prefecture Map 

Map describing entire areas of Miyagi Prefecture


Kyoto guide book

Information about sightseeing spots, local gourmet, and various activities. Also included are seasonal events in Kyoto and its surrounding areas.

Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

Kyoto prefecture's official website


Kyoto city train map



Kinki area JR train map

Kyoto area's JR train map



Kyoto Tourist Guide + Route Map Apps


[KYOTO Trip+]
This is the official app for Kyoto prefecture. This app is for both tourists and residents. It provides tourist information as well as disaster warning information from all over Kyoto.

For iOS (App Store)
For Android (Google Play)


[Arukumachi KYOTO Route Planner]
This is an official app from Kyoto City. It contains a route planner, Kyoto guide, and information about events.

For iOS (App Store)
For Android (Google Play)



Another useful app

Kyoto Kogomi is an app showing you how to correctly dispose of trash and how to recycle it. This is an official app from Kyoto city. Kyoto city has been trying to reduce trash and encourage people to recycle more. You can also check garbage collection dates in your area. Available in English.

For iOS (App Store)
For Android (Google Play)

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