Japan's Go to Travel Campaign: Save up to 50% on Domestic Travel

Post date: Wednesday, January 6, 2021

* Important notice: The Japanese government has suspended Go To Travel Campaign nationwide. If you have booked your trip please contact your travel agency for details.

The Japanese government has been running “Go To Campaign” since July 22, 2020. The campaign aims to stimulate the demand for domestic tourism which has fallen as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. There are 4 types of campaigns; “Go To Travel Campaign”, “Go To Eat Campaign”, “Go To Event Campaign” and “Go To Shopping Street Campaign”. Only the “Go to Travel” Campaign began in July, the "Go to Eat Campaign" will begin shortly and the rest of the campaigns are planned to launch later this year.

In this article, you can learn about the Go to Travel Campaign, how to apply for it, and how much of a discount you are eligible to receive. All residents in Japan (apart from Tokyo until the end of September) are eligible for this campaign. However, tourists from overseas visiting Japan are not eligible.

What is the “Go to Travel” campaign?

The “Go To Travel” Campaign aims to subsidize up to 50% of travel expenses (upper limit: 20,000 yen per person per night / 10,000 yen per day trip) including accommodation and transport fees. The Japanese government provides discounts of 35% of the total costs and the remaining 15 % is covered by regional coupons which will be issued from October. The coupons can be used at travel destinations for shopping, food, and activities. This means, until the coupons are issued, the highest discount you will be able to receive is only 35% of the travel costs.

Who can apply for the “Go to Travel” campaign?

All residents in Japan apart from ones reside in Tokyo are eligible. Tourists from overseas are not eligible.

What kind of travel products are eligible for the campaign?

1. Package Plans: combinations of accommodation and transportation for domestic travel

2. Accommodations only

3. A Day trip (round trip ticket + meal or sightseeing experience plan)

Individually arranged transportation fees are not eligible. However, cruises, night ferries, sleeper trains, and similar items are eligible.

Please make sure that the travel agency or accommodation facility you plan to use supports the campaign.

How much of a discount can you get?

Up to 50% of the travel costs will be subsidized for domestic trips. The maximum amount for a trip per person per night is 20,000 yen, and for the maximum daily trip is 10,000 yen. The 35% of the total costs (about 70% of the discounted amount) will be discounted, and the remaining 15% (about 30% of the discounted amount) will be issued as a “regional coupon” from September—which can be used in the destination area.

While the campaign will start from the 22nd of July, the maximum discount available will only be 35% until the regional coupons are issued in September. Even if you have already booked a trip on or after July 22nd, you can still receive the discount by applying for it (please read further for details).

Campaign Discount Examples

* Please note: Regional coupons are scheduled to start in October.

[Example 1]
2 people staying at a hotel at ¥10,000 per person | Total: ¥20,000

50% of ¥20,000 = ¥10,000

Discount: 70% of ¥10,000 = ¥7,000

Regional Coupon: 30% of ¥10,000 = ¥3,000*


Total to Pay = ¥13,000 (¥20,000 - ¥7,000)

[Example 2]
2 people staying at a hotel at ¥50,000 per person | Total: ¥100,000

Discount = ¥40,000 (upper limit - ¥20,000 per person)

Discount: 70% of ¥40,000 = ¥28,000

Regional Coupon: 30% of ¥40,000= ¥12,000 (regional coupons) *


Total to Pay = ¥72,000 (¥100,000 - ¥28,000)

[ Example 3]
3 people going on a day trip at ¥30,000 per person | Total: ¥90,000

Discount = ¥30,000 (upper limit - ¥10,000 per person)

Discount: 70% of ¥30,000 = ¥21,000

Regional Coupon: 30% of ¥30,000= ¥9,000 (regional coupons) *


Total to Pay = ¥69,000 (¥90,000 - ¥21,000)

What is a regional coupon?

A regional coupon is a gift certificate issued in units of 1,000 yen per coupon. There are two types of coupons that planned to be issued, a paper coupon and an electronic coupon. The coupons can be used during the period of travel in the destination prefecture and its neighboring prefectures at designated local stores, restaurants, activities, transportation, etc... The coupons cannot be exchanged for cash and change will not be provided. The regional coupons will be issued from October.

How to apply for the “Go to Travel” campaign

You can apply for the campaign directly via a travel agency/reservation website or at an accommodation facility. As for the application method, travelers can apply from the travel companies participating in the campaign (almost all major travel agencies in Japan such as JTB, HIS, Hankyu Travel) and accommodation companies.

How to apply for the campaign if your trip has been already booked

If you have already made a reservation for your trip starting on or after the 22nd of July, or you are booking a trip while the travel agency is not ready to implement the discounted system, you will need to apply for the discount by submitting documents such as application form, receipt, accommodation certificate, personal information consent form, etc. to the Japan Travel Agency via mail or online. The fee will be refunded by credit card or bank transfer. The detail of how to apply for the campaign has not yet been announced (as of July 15, 2020). We advise that you inquire with your travel agency whether or not you are eligible for a campaign for a trip that has already been booked.

If you can read Japanese, the link below from Japan Travel Agency can be useful.


When will the campaign end?

The campaign period is planned for to last about 6 months. Since it starts on the 22nd of July, it is expected to last until January, however details have not yet been announced.

Traveling in the New Normal

Enjoy travel while avoiding transmission risks

  • ・Wear a face mask to protect you and the people around you.
  • ・Smile and nod rather than shaking hands.
  • ・Refrain from conversation in public transport.
  • ・Don’t forget to check the safety protocols for the destination you plan to visit.
  • ・Throughout your travels, always remember to wash your hands.
  • ・Avoid visiting places when they are crowded. Visit later to enjoy without crowds.
  • ・Practice social distancing for your own peace of mind.
  • ・Select your souvenirs with your eyes, not your hands.
  • ・Be a smart traveler. Begin the day with a health check.

More New Normal to follow when you travel

Practical things to have for traveling in the new normal

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