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Japanese warning system - J-ALERT

Post: 06-12-17

Japan lies on the circum-Pacific volcanic belt and we cannot avoid the possibility of the occurrence of the large-scale earthquake and volcanic eruption.
In addition, there is a neighboring country which frequently test-fires the ballistic missiles, and it is increasing the risk that missiles hit Japan.

We here recommend that foreign residents in Japan understand J-ALERT system just in case of disaster and emergency.

J-ALERT is National Instant Warning System, which Japanese government transmits emergency information instantly to the residents of the whole country.

Meteorological Agency transmits information about an earthquake, a tsunami, a volcano, etc.
Cabinet Secretariat sends information about a ballistic missile, an aviation attack, a guerrilla attack, mega terrorism, etc.

These warnings and advisories are sent by outdoor speakers or by emergency alert email of cellular phones.
If by any chance you hear the warning by J-ALERT about a ballistic missile and there is a possibility of hitting your neighborhood, please evacuate into as sturdy building or basement as possible.

Sample sound of J-ALERT warning (Sound in case of a ballistic missile fired to target Japan) :


A smartphone sold in Japan comes with "Area email" and "Emergency alert email" installed in advance and is able to receive J-ALERT.

Overseas terminals, MVNO, SIM lock free smartphones may be insufficient for receive it.
In such cases, please install "Yahoo! JAPAN disaster prevention flash report" and you become able to receive J-ALERT. 

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