Food Support in March - Deliveries to Impoverished Families in Minato-ku and Homeless Support Organizations

Post date: Wednesday, March 27, 2024

This month, we have once again delivered food not only to impoverished families in our local Minato-ku, but also to homeless support organizations, street-living support groups, children's cafeterias, and others.

We received a large donation of protein bars from an individual who noticed the scarcity of protein-rich food items. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Itoham Co., Ltd. for their generous donation of disaster relief supplies, as well as to government-related organizations for providing us with a substantial amount of disaster preparedness items. Thank you to everyone who supported us!

All the food items generously provided by you have been distributed to those in need throughout Tokyo via the following organizations.

Impoverished Families in Minato-ku

On March 18th, through the Takanawa Food Pantry, we delivered rice, retort food, canned goods, sweets, and other items to 50 households in need in Minato-ku. Although we still faced shortages of rice, we were able to provide an average of 2 kilograms per household through donations from our employees. As it is the spring break period with no school meals, we hope that families with children will be pleased with the assistance. We have observed an increase in people struggling to afford food due to inflation, even in Minato-ku.

Homeless Support Organizations

We delivered 72 cans of hardtack and 150 servings of alpha rice, a government stockpiled food item, to "Grama Seva Japan" who provides lunches and food to the homeless at Yoyogi Park. We also participated in volunteering at their distribution event on March 24th. Grama Seva Japan distributes warm lunches and food to around 70 homeless individuals every Sunday. This time, we were able to contribute the food provided by Food Bank Azabu to their distribution efforts.

Self-Reliance Support Organizations for Those in Need

We delivered alpha rice and retort food to "Nanairo," a nonprofit organization conducting self-reliance support for those in need in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building every Saturday. They provide support such as assistance with moving for those who are homeless, accompanying them to apply for livelihood protection, and employment support, aiming to help those in need achieve independence. Most of the people they assist have nothing to eat or possess very few belongings, so support for food and essential living items becomes crucial even after they have secured housing.

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of people in need in Tokyo due to rising prices.

As the shortage of food persists, if you have any surplus food items at home that you cannot consume, we sincerely ask for your donations.