Bars and Restaurants in Iwakuni

Post: 01-05-18

Here is a list of some of the more well-known bars and restaurants in Iwakuni. All of the places on this list are located in Iwakuni City, some of them being close to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni. They are popular spots to eat and or drink at among the non-Japanese residents in Iwakuni. They all have English menus or English speaking staff available.

Bars and restaurants in Iwakuni





Address: 2-8-25 Kurumamachi, Iwakuni
Genre: Sandwich Dinning
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Sometimes it’s hard to find a good BLT sandwich in Japan. On the road to the main gate of Iwakuni Base is a restaurant named Sako. They serve what is arguably the best BLT sandwich in Iwakuni. They also offer mouth watering onion rings that you can order as a side as well. There is unfortunately limited seating in the restaurant itself, but they do offer take out for those who can’t wait or would rather eat at home.


Rib House


Address: 2-7-22 Kurumamachi, Iwakuni
Genre: American Style BBQ Grill and Bar
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Rib House offers amazing American BBQ and Mexican food. Their carne asada burrito is popular amongst those with a big appetite. Burritos aren’t the only delicious item on the menu, they also have tacos and nachos. Menus in English are available and English-speaking staff are present.


Bulls Eye Sports Bar


Address: 3-11 Marifumachi, Iwakuni
Genre: Sports Bar
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Bulls Eye Sports Bar is almost always crowded with Japanese and non-Japanese alike. As “Sports” is in the name, naturally you can enjoy watching sports on their TV, playing pool or playing darts while enjoying some drinks. Food is severed in the bar. We suggest the chicken wings as they are super delicious! English-speaking bartenders are also present.


Irori Sanzoku a.k.a. Chicken Shack (Kuga Area)


Address: 1380-1 Kugamachi, Iwakuni
Genre: Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Irori Sanzoku is the first of 3 Japanese bandit style restaurants located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The location in Kuga area is about a 30min drive from Iwakuni Station and is the closest one to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni. The restaurant has many seats available outside with some of them having a view of waterfalls. Outside you can enjoy your meal while experiencing the different season as well as enjoy one of their several entertainment events that are held throughout the year.


Gyoza House a.k.a. Gyoza no Ohsho

Address: 1-21-22 Minamiiwakunimachi, Iwakuni
Genre: Family Restaurant Specialized in Gyoza)

Gyoza House (a.k.a. Gyoza no Ohsho) is a family style chain restaurant specializing in gyoza (a dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing). It is located on the corner of 188 by You Me Town. As they are famous for gyoza, their gyoza is tasty in a reasonably priced. BBQ Shrimp is also a popular item on their menu. An menu with the items name written in English next to the Japanese are available. For those on the go or wishing to dine at home, take out is also available.




Address: 2-8-25 Kurumamachi, Iwakuni
Genre: Music Club
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If you would like to dance to good music, this is the place to be in Iwakuni. Club YOLO is where Japanese and American cultures cross. They offer several types of music and dance events with DJs. The place is crowded on weekends. You only live once, so let’s dance to good music. They are located on the second floor above the sandwich restaurant, Sako.

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