A day in Iwakuni

Post: 01-05-18

Getting to know the tourist areas around Iwakuni is something all locals have done. When family or friends visit, you will be able to effortlessly guide them around your neighborhood and introduce them to all the spots of interest.

Today, we have made a short guide of things to do and places to visit. We suggest taking the time to visit these spots and getting to know the area better.



1. Kintaikyo Bridge

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Of all the tourist spots to visit in Iwakuni, Kintaikyo Bridge is the most popular. The bridge was built in 1673 with its 5 arches made of wood upon four stone piers and was built without using metal nails. The bridge was originally built as a bridge to the main gate of Iwakuni castle and connects the castle to the town. The total length of the bridge is about 175 meters and its width is 5 meters.

The Kintaikyo Bridge offers a different experience for each of the four seasons. During spring, cherry blossoms are blooming along the river. During the Nishiki River Water Festival, in summer, you can watch traditional cormorant fishing and fireworks. In autumn the changing leaves are a beautiful backdrop upon which to enjoy the scenery. In winter you can see the bridge lit up surrounded by snow in the evening. Entrance tickets for the bridge can be purchased at either entrance.



2. Iwakuni Castle


The Iwakuni Castle was originally constructed from 1601 to 1608. Due to a law in 1615 that stated “One castle per province”, the original castle was dismantled. Though the stone walls are the same as the original, the castle wasn’t reconstructed again until more than 300 years later in 1962.

The castle houses a small museum with Samurai swords, armor and other items relating to the castle’s history. From the back of Iwakuni Castle there is a view of the ocean.

The entrance fee for the castle is JPY260 and can be purchased at the entrance of the castle.



3. Iwakuni Castle Ropeway

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The Iwakuni Caste Ropeway connects Kikko Park to Iwakuni Castle, and its main use is to allow access to the castle for visitors. The ropeway’s lower station is about a 10 min walk from Kintaikyo Bridge. The ride to the top of the ropeway is about 3 minutes. During the ride you can enjoy the scenery and a sky view of Nishiki River and the city of Iwakuni

Tickets cost JPY550 for a round trip and are available for purchase at the lower station in Kikko Park.

Set tickets for Kintaikyo Bridge, Iwakuni Castle Ropeway (round trip), and Iwakuni Castle are also available for purchase at any of the ticketing locations. The set ticket is discounted and costs JPY1,100 per person.



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