English Maps of Nagoya

Post date: Friday, February 10, 2017

When a foreign expatriate stays in Nagoya for a long period of time, first of all, it is necessary to understand the Nagoya area and then search for a residence while considering the commuting route and children's commuting route. Among various types of maps, we will introduce recommended English maps of Nagoya, route maps, and apps.

Nagoya Guide Map

Tourist map of Nagoya city. A map showing the route map in the city + sightseeing spots and main stations.

Nagoya city map highlighting sightseeings spots and railway routes.

Train Route Map

Map of 6 subway stations, JR and private railways in Nagoya city.

Map of Nagoya City's subway and railway routes.

Nagoya Navi

Guide map of Nagoya city. Not only the area map, but also information about tourist facilities and commercial facilities, and a list of hotels. Please click the image below and select "Nagoya Navi".

Nagoya guide map for tourists with pictures of popular tourist destinations.

Nagoya shopping & Dining Guide

A guidebook of tourist facilities in Nagoya city. Introducing tourist spots, local food and commercial facilities. Please click the image and select "Nagoya Shopping & Dining Guide".

English shopping and restaurant guide with images of popular tourist spots in Nagoya.

Nagoya sightseeing guide

An information magazine about shopping and restaurants in Nagoya City published by Infinity Communications. A handy guidebook that also includes airport maps and route maps. Click on the image to see the "Nagoya Sightseeing Guid".

This pamphlet offer suggestions for getting around the Nagoya City with ideas on what to see, what to eat and what to enjoy.

Nagoya Map By CITY APP for iOS

Map app of Nagoya for iPhone and iPad. Information on routes and restaurants in Nagoya city. Can be used offline.