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Immigration Services

We offer an extensive range of technical assistance related to immigration matters, which is the first and most important step in the relocation process.

In conjunction with our licensed administrative scriveners, we assist with the preparation of necessary documents required from both the company and the applicant. We strive to make this process as simple and smooth as possible for all parties involved.

Procedure to Obtain the COE

The following is the common procedure to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility (COE):

  • Screening of applicant for eligibility and qualifications
  • Confirming details about sponsoring company
  • Collection and review of necessary documents and information
  • Submitting application to the Immigration Bureau designated for the work place location
  • Receiving the COE from the immigration office and delivering it to the applicant
  • Provide instructions on how to apply for a visa at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate
  • Instructions on entering Japan
  • Reminder of visa expiry date and information on extension of period of stay

Types of Services
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
  • Change of Status of Residence
  • Extension of period of stay
  • Permit for part-time work
  • Certificate of Authorized Employment
  • Re-entry permit
  • Transfer of endorsement

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One Stop relocation service contact at your fingertips.

East Japan Office
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East Japan Office
West Japan Office

One Stop relocation service contact at your fingertip.

Relocation Services

Living support assistance for foreigners relocating to Japan. Flexible service fit for each customer.

Relocation Services

Tenancy Management

We offer complete administration and management services for corporate housing. 

Tenancy Management