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Our Services

We provide a range of service for foreign companies based in Japan or Japanese companies accepting foreign staff.
We reduce the load of the person in charge of your company by supporting from application of residence when accepting a foreign resident, various support during their stay, and substituting for remittance of rent.

Relocation Services

Living support assistance for foreigners relocating to Japan. Flexible service fit for each customer.  Access to extensive knowledge and information due to group companies being in the real estate and furniture leasing industry.


Relocation Service

Visa / Immigration

We offer an extensive range of technical assistance for immigration matters, which is the first and foremost important step in the relocation process.


VISA 在留資格

Tenancy Management

We offer complete administration and management services. This includes review and execution of new leases, rental payments and support during tenancy.



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Expat Living Guide

Information covering expat friendly bilingual facilities, international schools and useful living information, etc. 

Living in Japan: A Guide for Expats

Japan Destination Guide

Area guide of major cities in Japan. Introducing brief overview of each city, the facilities related to foreign residents.

Guide of Major Cities in Japan