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English Maps of Kobe

Post: 02-11-17

Map of Kobe - English-written or Recommended maps for foreigner

When an expat arrives to Japan for a long stay in Kobe, you first have to grasp the area of Kobe, check the commute road and the school route of your child, and then consider where to live.

There are various kinds of maps being issued, we will introduce to you the most recommended English map of Kobe, the links to train maps, and applications.

Map of Kobeのコピー

Hyogo prefecture Map

Map of hyougo


Map overviewing Hyogo prefecture.

Official Hyogo Guidebook

Official hyogo Guide map


Hyogo Prefecture Guidebook issued by Hyogo Prefecture Tourism Exchange Division. There are not only guidance and maps of sightseeing spots in Hyogo pref. but also information on souvenir information and useful Japanese phrases.


Kobe Guide Map

Kobe guide map


Kobe city wide area guides issued by the Kobe International Tourist Convention Association and guide maps of each tourist sites.


Kobe Area Route Map

Kobe Area Route Map


Route map of Kobe city published by JR West. Saijin Subway, Yamanote Line, the coastline, and JR stations are shown in the center. Private line is also shown on the map.


Kobe Official Travel Guide

Kobe official travel guide


App for iPhone and iPad which introduces Wi-Fi spots, stations, tourist facilities, duty free shop, and information center. Available offline.


Kobe Map Offline

Kobe map offline

A map of Kobe is available for online and offline for android. Address search is also available.

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MAEDA Kobe Largeのコピー.jpg
芦屋サービスアパート ミミロッコ  Englishのコピー.jpg