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English speaking Japanese cooking classes in Tokyo

Post: 05-08-18

 Japanese food

Here is a collection of information on English speaking cooking classes in Tokyo.
You can learn how to cook typical home-made and traditional Japanese dishes. Our list has a variety of options such as classes for beginner recipes that you can easily cook at home, healthy Japanese foods and vegetarian menus.
There are also classes you can attend with your children as well as classes specialized in cooking halal foods.



Cooking School Yuka Mazda

Yuka Mazda teaches you how to make easy home-made Japanese dishes. Some of the dishes taught in the class are Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken, Okonomiyaki, Gyoza, Wagyu Beef Gyudon, side dishes, Ichigo daifuku, as well as how to make soup stock.

Tokyo Sakura Kitchen

Tokyo Sakura Kitchen offers two course options: Standard course and Vegetarian course. Both of  the courses feature“Ichijyu-sansai” (一汁三菜), meaning one soup and three dishes. What this  means is you will be taught to make one main dish, 2 side dishes, and miso soup. Both courses are served with freshly steamed rice. A course teaching Maki sushi (sushi rolled by hand) and Chirashi (sushi dish decorated with fish and other ingredients) is also available.



Kai House Japanese Cooking

Kai House teaches you how to cook "washoku" (Authentic Japanese food).  They offer a variety of classes teaching you to make Kazari-zushi (sushi roll art), Dashi-maki-tamago (rolled omelet), Osuimono (clear dashi soup with seasonal vegetables), and more. Seasonal menus are taught as well. For private lessons,  classes are limited to groups of 24 or less. Kai House Japanese Cooking classes can  also be found at their second location in Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku.



Buddha Bellies Cookign School Tokyo

Buddha Bellies is a cooking school headed by it’s Executive Instructor Ayuko Akiyama. Holding a variety of certifications you can rest easy that you are in capable hands. The cooking school not only has traditional Japanese menus to learn but also vegetarian, vegan and halal menus as well for those with dietary restrictions. Each lesson includes a complimentary drink including Sake for those wanting to take advantage of chef Akiyama being a Sake sommelier.



Cozy Kitchen Hitomi

At Cozy Kitchen Hitomi you can learn a variety of easy recipes for home-made Japanese dishes. Menus include Character bentos, Teriyaki Chicken with rice, Nikujaga, Okonomiyaki,  Gyoza, and more. Class sizes are kept small at 4 participants per a class. Cozy Kitchen Hitomi also offers a Takoyaki party by request. Mention that you have visited the Cozy Kitchen Hitomi website to get a 20% off discount from any of the menus!

Simply Oishii Japanese Cooking Class

Simply Oishii Japanese Cooking Class offers courses such as Japanese cooking, and Wagashi making. Cooking parties and workshops are also available. Learn to cook traditional Japanese dishes such as gyoza, okonomiyaki, and sushi. The instructor, Miyuki, has various cooking certifications to match her love for the culinary arts. For those with children, gyoza, baking, sushi, and wagashi parties are available.



Tsukiji Cooking

Tsukiji Cooking school is located next to the world-famous Tsukiji fish market. The school has 4 teachers all with various cooking certifications. You can choose from classes in English or Chinese. Because the school is near Tsukiji you have the opportunity to learn new dishes while using the freshest ingredients straight from the Tsukiji market. They also offer a cooking class with a fish market tour.




Chagohan is a cooking class located in Asakusa. They offer a variety classes such as Tempura class, Wagyu sukiyaki class, Ramen & Gyoza class, Matcha class, Sushi class for vegetarians in addition to unique combination classes such as Kimono + Matcha Green Tea class, Rikisha + Japanese cuisine cooking class, etc.

Tokyo Kitchen

Tokyo Kitchen classes are located only a short 3min walk from the Asakusa Kaminarimon Gate. They teach a variety of Japanese recipes with vegetarian and gluten-free options for those who request it. Recipes include Oyakodon, Karate, Nikujaga, Katsu curry, and more.



Cooking Sun Tokyo

Cooking Sun has classrooms in Tokyo and Kyoto. They off a Wagyu Kaiseki class and a Sushi making class. Classes are held everyday of the week. Cooking sun offers group classes, private lessons, and a 5 day intensive cooking course for those interested.



Mayuko's Little Kitchen

Mayuko’s Little Kitchen offers courses with Vegetarian and Vegan menus as standard options. They also have a variety menus for Everyday Meals such as Chicken Karaage, Okonomiyaki, Gyoza and more. All the recipes are simple and easy to cook at your home. There is also an option to learn how to make Character Bento boxes with themes such as Pandas and Star Wars. Children are welcome to participate in the class and children under the age of 3 are free.

Toki Labo

CYou can learn Traditional Japanese food and culture. Enjoy the original flavor of ingredients and excellent nutrition balance.



Japanese Home Cooking Class Yurico

Japanese Home Cooking Class Yurico offers classes teaching recipes that you can easily cook at home. Recipes taught include Ramen, Udon, Yakiori, Gyoza, Sushi and more. Class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 4 students per a lesson. They also offer a Japanese calligraphy lesson after the cooking class if you’d like to participate.


Cooking classes in various areas in Japan

Air Kitchen

Over 500 cooking classes available in Japan. They cover Tokyo, Yokohama, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. You can learn authentic Japanese food from locals. Vegans and Vegetarian's classes are also available.


Cooking class specialized in halal dishes


HALAL is the first cooking class specializing in Halal dishes in Japan. They only use Halal certified ingredients and seasonings. Here you can learn how to make Ramen, Gyoza, Curry with Chicken Cutlet, Wagyu Shabu-shabu, Okonomiyaki, and more. All the serving plates and bowls, cooking tools, and the refrigerator are also designated for Halal, so you can attend all the classes here without worry.



The majority of cooking classes listed here offer either private or group lessons. This is not only a great opportunity to learn but also a chance to meet new people.

All recipes taught in these classes are easy to cook no matter where you are in the world. Sharing these dishes with friends and family may be a great idea for party at your home! Why not enjoy learning home-made Japanese cooking in English during your stay in Japan?

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