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English-speaking Hair-Salons in Yokohama

Post: 03-15-17

There are many beauty salons in Yokohama which can give you an enjoyable experience.

When searching for a beauty salon as a foreigner, you might ask yourself…

  • ”Will the stylist understand what I want?”
  • “How do I explain to my stylist that my hair is very sensitive?”
  • “How should I explain that I just want to get a trim?”

You can show a picture of the hair style you want to the stylist, but it is always best to be able to talk in your native language so there is no misunderstanding or troubles.

Here we introduce to you Hair salons that have English speaking service so you don’t have to worry.

Hair Salons Yokohama

List of English-speaking Hair-salons in Yokohama


  • afrodita
  • After years working in the top salons in London, New York, Beverley Hills and Tokyo, we know how to deliver world-class results.
  • http://www.yokohamahairsalon.com/
  • 2-108-1 1F Sengen-cho Nishi-ku Yokohama
  • Tel: 045-311-0139


  • My experience treating western hair, together with my knowledge of English, has helped me to grow my business.
  • http://www.faces-hair.com/eng/
  • 101 GS Haimu 98 Yamashita-cho Naka-ku Yokohama
  • Tel: 045-662-0722

Hair & Café M.A.T.


  • toni 6 guy
  • Multi-award winning hairdressing brand with more than 50 years of experience in education, superior client service and haircare expertise.
  • http://toniandguy.com/salon-finder
  • 2F LaLaport Yokohama 4035-1 Ikonobe-cho Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama
  • Tel: 045-929-5058

Les Baladins du Miroir New York

  • There are experienced stylists and Owner stylist from New York. This hair salon is the closest from Yokohama Station.
  • http://www.lesbaladinsdumiroir.com/english/
  • Kitasaiwai Urban Yokohama Bldg 7F 1-5-3 Nishi-ku Yokohama
  • Tel: 045-322-1288


hair&relax Suu


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