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Christmas Illuminations 2017 in Kansai region

Post: 12-06-17

The Christmas season has come, and along with it, winter towns nationwide colorfully lit up with Christmas illuminations.

Here are some famous places to see illuminations in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and the Kansai region.




A huge 22meter tall Christmas tree is displayed at the JR Kyoto Station building’s Muromachi Koji Square. Together with its lights and sounds, that have been arranged in various areas of the station square, as well as the surrounding facilities, it helps to create a Christmas atmosphere in the town. On the weekends leading up to Christmas day, popular local Jazz bands perform mini-concerts on the stage in front of the Christmas tree.

Since 1995 ROHM Co., Ltd., headquartered in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, has been setting up Christmas illuminations around its head office during the Christmas season in contribution to the local community. This year, their illumination consists of approximately 800,000 light bulbs accompanied by music. This creates a fantasy world during the cold winter nights in Kyoto.

kyoto kyoto 2

Image from http://www.rohm.co.jp/web/japan/illumination/map



osaka osaka 2

Osaka Festival of Lights 2017 – The Osaka Hikari Renaissance (Dec.14 – 25, 2017):

The Osaka Hikari Renaissance is a popular event held in Osaka. During winter it is said to be a specialty of Osaka’s. Celebrating its 15th year anniversary is the art festival event that lights up the areas from the Osaka city office to Nakanoshima Park. A new performance taking place this year is called “Wall Tapestry.” This show creates light-up art by projecting 3d images onto the wall of the Osaka City Central Public Hall. The public hall being an important National cultural property adds to the excitement of this annual event.

Image from: http://www.hikari-kyoen.com/renaissance/


Midosuji Midosuji 2

Another event that should not be missed is the Midosuji Illumination. The illumination is 4km in length. The row of Ginkgo trees along the street is decorated beautifully with illumination in 4 colors representing the 4 seasons.

Taking a walk along the 4km of beautiful illumination feels short and will warm you up, even during the cold winter night.

Image from: http://www.hikari-kyoen.com/midosuji/



kobe luminarie kobe luinarie 2

Kobe Luminarie 2017 (Dec.8 – 17, 2017):

Since 1995, one of Kobe’s popular winter attractions is the Kobe Luminarie. Attracting many visitors, the illumination festival is held in the from Motomachi and The Former Foreign Settlement to Higashi Yuenchi Park which resides next to the Kobe City Office. Kobe Port is commemorating its 150th anniversary and many works related to it are expected to appear. 

Kobe Luminarie: http://kobe-luminarie.jp/index.html



This year a new spot to enjoy the Christmas season has opened in Meriken Park as one of the many events commemorating Kobe Port’s 150th year anniversary.

For the Christmas tree, a 30meter tall thujopsis tree will be used. This tree is taller than the huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in the U.S.A. and is the tallest living thujopsis tree in the world.

Sora Tree, with their "World Christmas Tree Project," is currently challenging the Guinness world record for the Christmas tree with the most ornaments displayed. Anyone wishing to participate in the event can add an ornament to the tree. 

Image from: http://soratree.jp/

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