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Expat Communities in Okinawa

There are various members clubs or groups for foreigners to meet up in Japan. Many foreigners participate actively in such communities to make friends, exchange information about living in Japan, and for the opportunities to attend parties or volunteer activities.

Here we introduce the major communities for foreign expats in Okinawa.

Foreigner's Communities in Okinawa 

  • Okinawa International Women’s Club (OIWC)

    OIWC was established in 1954 to provide opportunity for international friendship through social contacts and to further intellectual, cultural and welfare interests in the community.


  • Koza International Plaza(KIP

    It is organized by Okinawa City International Association and offers free services to non-native Japanese speakers in Okinawa City. The services include providing multilingual consultation for everyday life, Japanese class, and fun event for learning cultures.


  • American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa (ACCO)

    It is a non-profit organization having over 150 corporate and government members from the American and Okinawan business communities. The purpose is to connect members through networking events, business and government seminars to enable B2B contact and develop business relationships.


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