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Expat Communities in Kyoto

There are various clubs and groups for foreigners wanting to meet up with others in Japan. Many foreigners participate actively in such communities to make friends, exchange information about living in Japan, and for the opportunity to attend parties or volunteer. 

Here we will introduce the major communities that exist for foreign expats in Kyoto-city.

Foreigner's Communities in Kyoto

  • Kyoto City International Foundation(KCIF)

    KCIF supports foreigners living in Kyoto by engaging in activities to facilitate connections with its citizens. They organize numerous events throughout the year including cultural exchanges, Japanese language classes, culinary festivals, and volunteer activities.


    • Kyoto International Cultural Association (KICA)

      KICA has been sharing the culture of Kyoto with the world. They organize Japanese language education courses, essay contests, international tea ceremonies and more.


    • Sprache. Kultur. Deutschland

      Sprache. Kultur. Deutschland has been acting as a cultural institution representing the German Federal Republic. They mainly focus on German language education and cultural activities. They also provide information about German culture, society, and politics.

      https://www.goethe.de/ins/jp/de/index.html (German)

    • Institut français du Japon

      As the official institution of the French government,  Institut français du Japon shares French culture, ideas, French language courses and more. Various events such as exhibitions, debates, and music concerts are held. Aside from Kyoto, the Institut français du Japon has branches in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

      http://www.institutfrancais.jp/fr/ifjapon/ (French)

Kyoto Destination Guide

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Expat Living Guide

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