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Expat Communities in Fukuoka

There are various members clubs or groups for foreigners to meet up in Japan. Many foreigners participate actively in such communities to make friends, exchange information about living in Japan, and for the opportunities to attend parties or volunteer activities.

Here we introduce the major communities for foreign expats in Fukuoka-city.

Foreigner's Communities in Fukuoka

  • The Japan-America Society of Fukuoka

    It is a non-profit, non-partisan, membership organization founded in 1958 and is dedicated to strengthen cooperation and mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and Fukuoka on grassroots level. Linking with other societies and organizations, it hosts cultural and social programs focusing on Japan-U.S. relations. It also holds English language classes available for both members and non-members.


  • Fukuoka EU Association

    It was established in 2002 to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between Fukuoka prefecture and the EU and also to deepen cultural, economic and other exchanges in a wide field on a private level.  The major activities of the association are holding lectures and seminars, promoting human and cultural exchange including exchange of delegations, and mutual exchange of information on the EU and Fukuoka.


  • Fukuoka City International Foundation

    It is a foundation which was established for commemorating the success of the Asian-Pacific Exposition - Fukuoka '89. It promotes international exchange in Fukuoka, making the most of the city's history, culture and other attributes. It has a variety of programs for realizing a multicultural society – one in which we can deepen mutual understanding on an international level among each of Fukuoka’s citizens. Fukuoka City International Center, the facility in which the foundation resides, provides multi-language consultation services and living information for foreign residents.


  • Fukuoka American Center

    It is part of the American Consulate Fukuoka (Public Affairs Section), responsible for carrying out U.S. Government public diplomacy activities in the Kyushu and Yamaguchi region. The mission is to promote mutual understanding and friendship by providing the Japanese public with information on American foreign and security policy, U.S.-Japan trade and economic relations, American society, politics, and culture through a wide range of programs.


  • The Canada-Japan Friendship Association

    This association was established in 1948 to promote mutual understanding between the Japanese and the Canadian in Canada and in the world by publishing and education. From 1984 this association has sent friendship ambassadors to Canada, and also accepted Canadian students for their homestays in Japan. It has promoted the Japanese people and foreign people living in Japan to learn and study in secondary schools, college and universities in Canada as well as had a various activities to introduce Canada and the people.


  • Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation (FIEF)

    It was established in 1989 with the aim of strengthening Fukuoka Prefecture’s function as a hub for international exchange by utilizing the region’s unique historical background and by promoting resident-driven international exchange. It promotes exchanges with overseas cities through sister city friendship programs and overseas Kenjinkai (Natives of Fukuoka Prefecture Abroad Association) as well.  Kokusai Hiroba on the 3rd Floor of the ACROS Fukuoka Building, which is operated by FIEF as a center of exchange for Fukuoka citizens and foreigners, provides international information and counseling services for foreign residents in Fukuoka Prefecture.


  • Fukuoka - Canada Society

    It had been established in order to deepen mutual friendship and understanding between two countries and to further contribute in various exchange programs such as in the fields of economy and culture. It provides Canada related lectures and other gatherings; holds Christmas Parties and other events for promoting friendship between society members; introduces activities of the Society; offers information about Canada through its homepage updates; and arranges annual courtesy visits and sends delegation to Canada.


  • Fukuoka Japan-Australia Society

    It was established in 1990 to deepen the mutual understanding between Japan and Australia through cultural and sports exchanges as well as to promote the ties of friendship between the two countries. It provides lectures and other gatherings; holds Christmas Parties and other events for promoting friendship between society members;  provides information concerning Australia; sends goodwill mission to Australia; and arranges exchange of short period home stay program for junior and/or senior high school students.


  • The Fukuoka Japan - British Society

    It was founded in 1965 in order to deepen mutual friendship and understanding between two countries and to further contribute in various exchange programs such as in the fields of academic culture and economy.  It holds English language classes, British related lectures, seminars, and other gatherings. 


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